Maze Rattan LTD Terms and Conditions

Last updated 28.02.2020

These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of all products and services (“Goods”) by you (“Buyer”, “You”, “Your”) from Maze Rattan Ltd (“Seller”, “Us”, “We”), a company registered in England and Wales under number 06830840, whose registered office is at Bowden House, 36 Northampton Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9HE.

These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by You when You accept them in a Proforma or from the date of any delivery of Goods and will constitute the entire agreement between Us and You. Whilst these Terms and Conditions are detailed, it is not exhaustive and it is not expected to cover every eventuality which may arise during the provision of services.

Maze Rattan Ltd therefore reserves the right to amend and/or add to these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions the terms set out below are defined as the following:

“Account Customers”: means those customers who purchase Goods on account, until any such time that credit limits or payment terms are not met;

“Buyer”: means the organisation or person who buys the Goods from the Seller. Hereby also referred to as “Customer/s”;

“End Consumer”: means the individual or organisation for whom the Goods are destined to end with. This can refer to You, the Buyer (in cases where the Goods remain with You), or Your customer (whom purchased through You);
Goods”: means the goods/product/service as supplied by Us;

Trade Portal”: refers to the official Maze Rattan Ltd online shop where Goods can be purchased by the Buyer. This can be accessed by visiting and should not be confused with where no products can be purchased.

Price”: means the price set out in the list of prices of the Goods maintained by the Seller as amended from time to time or such other price as the parties may agree in writing, such as delivery or other charges or interest on such as may be quoted by the Seller or as may apply in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

“Proforma Customers”: means those customers who are required to pay, in full, any outstanding invoice/s before any Goods are dispatched or made available for collection;

“Sales Order/s”: means an individual order placed by the Buyer for Goods, such order being subject to these Terms and Conditions. Hereby also referred to as “Order/s”;

“Seller”: means Maze Rattan Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under number 06830840, whose registered office is at Bowden House, 36 Northampton Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9HE. Hereby also referred to as “Us” and “We”;

Terms and Conditions”: confirms the terms on which Goods are supplied by Us to the Buyer.

  1. Product Descriptions

    1. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on Our website, in Our brochure and provided to You by Your Account Manager is accurate.

    2. We disclaim all liability for loss that may result from the use of any information given.


  1. Registration and Login

    1. is a wholesale website for trade customers only.

    2. For access to the Trade Portal (to view prices and place orders, all customers will need to register their company details prior to receiving login details):

      1. Existing customers - contact Head Office and request access

      2. New customers - visit and fill out ‘NEW Trade Account’ application form.

    3. Personal information will never be shared with any third party companies with the exception of Our nominated carriers where delivery of Goods is required.


  1. Price

    1. The Price of the Goods is set out in Our Sales Order at the date of Your purchase or such other value as We may agree in writing.

    2. If the cost of the Goods to Us increases due to any factor beyond Our control including (but not limited to): material costs, labour costs, alteration of exchange rates or duties, or changes to shipping or delivery rates, We can increase the Price prior to delivery.

    3. Any increase in the Price under clause 4.2. will only take place after We have informed You about it.

    4. The Price is exclusive of delivery charges.

    5. The Price is exclusive of any applicable VAT and any other taxes or levies which are imposed or charged by any competent authority.

    6. On occasion We may email and/or mail special offers which are applicable for a limited time. We reserve the right to terminate such offers at any time.


  1. Sales Orders

    1. Customers are encouraged to place Sales Orders via Our online Trade Portal where they will be able to see prices and stock availability. Sales Orders can be made by:

  1. Adding the required items into the shopping cart.

  2. Confirming the delivery address.

  3. Choosing the desired delivery method (choose either Collection or Delivery).

  4. The Sales Order will then be returned to Us and a delivery charge calculated according to Our shipping metrics, based on the delivery location, and size of Goods (based on volume, weight, and quantity).

  5. The delivery charge will then be uploaded to the Trade Portal and applied to the Sales Order; for viewing and payment.

    1. Account Customers can place Sales Orders which will be processed immediately as long as the account remains within the agreed terms. Top up payments can be made via the Trade Portal to avoid delays in dispatching Sales Orders.

    2. Proforma Customers will be able to place and pay for Sales Orders via the Trade Portal which will be processed immediately once payment is received.

    3. Sales Orders can also be placed by email or telephone Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays). This method of ordering may lead to a delayed response which could lead to Goods becoming unavailable. We would encourage Sales Orders to be placed via the Trade Portal in the first instance. If ordering by email, the issued SKU/product code must be quoted, in order to avoid incorrect products being ordered. These can be found on the Trade Portal, price list, and daily stock list.

    4. The daily cut off time for Sales Orders to be dispatched or collected the following working day is 14:00. Any Sales Order placed after 14:00 will be available to be dispatched or collected one working day after. For example, Sales Orders placed on Monday at 15:00 will be available to be dispatched or collected from Wednesday.

    5. Order history and copy invoices can be found on the Trade Portal.

    6. Once a Sales Order is placed, You will receive an automated email confirmation with the exact copy of the Sales Order. This will include the billing and shipping addresses and any special instructions for the courier submitted to Us at that point. The email will be sent to the email address registered on Your account. You are obliged to check this confirmation email and inform Us as soon as possible if any errors have been made.
      (NB: Sometimes the email confirmations may be filtered as SPAM so please always check the junk/spam box for these).

    7. We will not be liable for any errors made by You when entering delivery address details or selecting products and You will be liable for delivery and/or collection charges which arise as a result of Your errors if these are not reported immediately.


  1. Stock Due Dates

    1. For Goods not currently in stock (but on order), the Trade Portal will show approximate due dates. These can also be obtained from Your Account Manager. These dates are estimated docking dates for the container(s) on which the Goods are arriving. You should allow up to 2 weeks from this date for Goods to be received into Our warehouse. We cannot accept responsibility for delays at the port caused by weather or other events beyond Our control which may affect delivery dates for the Goods.


  1. Cancellation and Alteration

    1. Details of the Goods as described in clause 2 above (Product Descriptions) and set out in Our sales documentation or on the Trade Portal are subject to alteration without notice.

    2. Either the Buyer or Seller can cancel the Sales Order for any reason prior to Your acceptance (or rejection) of the Sales Order.


  1. Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Credit / Debit Card

  • PayPal 

  • Bank Transfer (BACS): Account details can be found in the footer of Your Sale Order Confirmation / Invoice

  • Cash (only for showroom Sales Orders and collections in person)

Unfortunately, We are no longer able to accept payment by cheques.

    1. Proforma Customers:

Proforma Customers will need to arrange payment in full before We are able to dispatch any Goods. The first Sales Order placed by new customers must be paid by BACS, We are unable to accept Credit Card payments from new customers. The Sales Orders will be placed on hold until payment is allocated against the Sales Order. Please quote Your Sales Order number as the payment reference to avoid delays.

    1. Account Customers:

For Account customers, We will invoice You for the Goods either:

  • At the point of dispatch from Our warehouse


  • Where the Goods are to be collected by You


  • Where You or the End Consumer wrongfully do not take delivery of the Goods, at any time after We have notified You that the Goods are ready for collection or We have tried to deliver them. You must pay the Price within the credit terms agreed between Us and You.

    1. If You do not pay within the period agreed, We will suspend any further deliveries to You, and Your account will be placed on hold until You pay in full. We reserve the right to charge interest at 8% (in line with “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts” (Regulations), 2013) on any unpaid invoices plus court fees and costs involved in reclaiming the debt. Time for payment will be the essence of the Contract between Us and You. All payments must be made in the invoiced currency unless agreed in writing between Us and You.

    2. FOB (Freight On Board) container invoices are due for payment prior to docking in exchange for Telex Release documents. No Bill of Lading will be released without full payment.

    3. Both parties must pay all amounts due under these Terms and Conditions in full without any deduction or withholding except as required by law and neither party is entitled to assert any credit, set off or counterclaim against the other in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount in whole or part.


  1. Delivery

    1. If required, We will arrange for the delivery of Goods to the delivery address specified in the Sales Order, or to another location agreed in writing. We reserve the right to determine the best method of delivery for the Sales Order, including, but not limited to the Goods (including, not limited to volume, weight, and quantity), delivery address and date required. The available options are 2 Man Delivery, Maze Vehicle or Pallet Delivery. Small items or replacement parts will be sent via FedEx.


    1. 2 Man Deliveries

The 2 man delivery option is reserved for larger items or deliveries that require a specialist service. For items shipped via Our 2 man service, the delivery time can vary from 7-10 working days from dispatch during peak times although We are working to a Day 1 order, Day 4 delivery at best.

If the 2 man option is chosen or requested, on receipt of Your Sales Order and payment of a Proforma Customer, the process is as follows:

Once all items are in stock and allocated, Our nominated carrier (currently Panther - although We reserve the right to change this at any time) will send a number of text messages / emails to the delivery telephone number and email specified. Nothing will happen to the Sales Order if the customer does not respond to these prompts. The process is as follows:

  1. Booking email / text. A choice of available dates will be offered.

  2. Confirmation email / text with the booked delivery date.

  3. The day before delivery, the customer will receive a routing email / text with a 2 hour window for their delivery the following day.

  4. On the day of delivery, the customer will receive a telephone call from the driver with an approximate time, 30-60 minutes prior to delivery.

If the Sales Order is placed via the Trade Portal, You will receive an email to confirm the items have been dispatched to You or the End Consumer - with delivery details and tracking details (where available).

    1. Pallet Deliveries

Pallet deliveries can be made within 48 hours of dispatch and if required, a next day service is available at an extra charge. During peak times this may vary but We are currently working on a Day 1 order, Day 4 delivery at best (Day 3 if a next day service is specified).

For items shipped via a pallet freight company, the customer will be contacted once We have dispatched the pallet, and a delivery date will be agreed.

All pallet deliveries are made on a curb-side basis, the delivery is not timed, however the freight company will usually telephone an hour before the delivery is due to take place.

If the pallet arrives at the destination and no-one is there, the driver will contact the number provided by the customer and usually wait for around 10 minutes.  If they cannot reach the customer, they will contact Maze Rattan Ltd to advise.  If a redelivery is booked after the 1st attempt, Maze Rattan Ltd reserves the right to charge a £40+VAT redelivery fee for this service and for any consecutive redelivery on the same consignment. 

    1. Maze Vehicle Delivery

Dedicated Maze Rattan vehicles are available on a daily basis to make local individual deliveries or deliver larger loads nationwide. Delivery charges will be agreed at the time of ordering, per load. If You need to book regular Maze deliveries please contact Your Account Manager who may be able to pre book vehicles in advance, subject to routing and availability.

    1. FedEx

Small items are dispatched via FedEx, and work on dispatch Day 1 and delivery on Day 2 basis. We will be able to provide tracking information with FedEx direct to the nominated delivery email address.

    1. Subject to the specific terms of any delivery service We use, delivery can take place at any time of the day and must be accepted at that time.

    2. All deliveries must be checked and signed for at the time of delivery with any damage or discrepancy reported on the delivery note. If Goods are to be left without a signature or customer’s attendance We must receive prior notice of this in writing and the customer is liable for any loss.

    3. If You or the End Consumer do not take delivery of the Goods on the specified day, at Our discretion and without prejudice to any other rights, We may:

  • Charge a re-delivery fee of 50% of the original delivery charge.

  • Store or arrange for the storage of the Goods and will charge You for all associated costs and expenses including, but not limited to, transportation, storage and insurance.

  • After 10 business days, resell the Goods.

    1. If redelivery is not possible as set out above, You must collect the Goods from Our premises and will be notified of the correct collection address. We reserve the right to charge You for all associated costs, including; but not limited to, storage, handling and insurance.

    2. Any dates quoted for delivery are approximate only, and the time of the delivery is not of the essence. We will not be liable for any such delay in delivery of the Goods that is caused by a circumstance beyond Our control or Your failure to provide Us with adequate delivery instructions, correct delivery addresses, and correct contact details.

    3. We can deliver a Sales Order in instalments, which will be invoiced and paid for separately. Each delivery is a separate contract. If You cannot accept multiple deliveries and invoices from the same Sales Order, please inform Your Account Manager so they can update the system accordingly.

    4. For delivery charges, please contact Your Account Manager.


  1. Collections

    1. Goods can also be collected from Us, from either the Haverhill Warehouse or the Thetford Warehouse. The Sales Team will confirm the location of the Goods.

    2. All collections must be booked in with the warehouse, giving sufficient notice for the Goods to be picked and packed. During peak times drivers may be required to wait in turn if other vehicles are being loaded/unloaded.

    3. Sales Orders for collection must be received by 14:00 at the latest on the day prior to collection. Failure to provide such notice may result in a collection vehicle being turned away.


  1. Inspection and Acceptance of Goods

    1. You must inspect the Goods on delivery or collection. If You identify any shortages, You should report this firstly on the delivery date and then inform Us in writing within 48 hours of delivery, providing details. Shortages to a delivery or collection will be rectified once an internal investigation has been carried out and the shortage agreed by both parties.

    2. If You identify any damages, You must inform Us in writing within 48 hours of delivery, providing details of the Sales Order, details of the damaged Goods and photographs to show the damage and packaging. Once satisfied that the Goods are defective, We will;

  1. Arrange for a return to be raised and Your Account Manager will email You a Returns Note which must be returned attached to the damaged item(s).

  2. Once We receive the returned Goods, the Goods will be inspected.

  3. Subject to Your compliance with this clause and/or Our agreement, We will as appropriate repair, replace or refund part or all of the Goods.


    1. We will be under no liability or further obligation in relation to the Goods if one of the following criteria is met:

  • You fail to provide notice as set above.

  • You fail to return the complete item including cushions and glass.

  • The defect arises from normal wear and tear of the Goods.

  • The defect arises from misuse of the Goods, negligence, wilful damage or any other act by You or any third parties.

  • The defect arises from an Act of God.


    1. Our acceptance of returned Goods will be deemed to be upon inspection of them by Us. If the Inspection is not passed, You will bear the cost of returning the Goods and a refund/replacement will not be arranged.

    2. Acceptance of the Goods will be deemed to be upon inspection of them by You and in any event 48 hours after delivery.


  1. Returns

    1. All returns must be reported to Your Account Manager for approval before they are physically sent back to Us and must have a return form attached. Failure to follow Our returns procedure may lead to delays in Us issuing refunds.

    2. The returns procedure is as follows:

  1. Report the return to Your Account Manager quoting the Sales Order number and reference. If the return is due to damage then please attach photographic evidence of the damaged item, as detailed in clause 11.2.)

  2. Your Account Manager will raise a return on Our system and send You a returns form to be attached to the package. If a replacement is required, Your Account Manager will arrange this.

  3. Collection or drop off to be arranged.

  4. The return will be accepted into Our warehouse and inspected.

  5. Credits where necessary, will be raised.

Please note that We will not issue a credit note where only part of a set is returned, therefore please make sure all cushions, glass parts, fixing kits, and all components are also returned with the furniture. We have the right to deny a credit if We receive a partial return of the Goods.

  1. Customer Change of Mind

    1. If You are returning Goods due to a customer change of mind, We must:

  1. Receive notice in writing that You intend to return an item and agree to the return.

  2. You will be liable for the cost of returning the Goods.

  3. The Goods must be returned in their original packaging in such a state that they can be re-sold without the need for discounting.

  4. If the Goods are returned without the original packaging or if the packaging has been damaged, they must be returned safely wrapped and suitable for transit and You will be liable for a re-packaging fee of £35.


  1. Goods received in Error

If You have received Goods in error, please inform Us of this as soon as possible. In most cases We will be able to arrange collection and/or replacement of the correct items if still required.

  1. Risk and Title

Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk, property in and title to the Goods shall remain with the Seller until the Seller has received payment of the full Price of (a) all Goods and/or services the subject of the contract and (b) all other Goods and/or services supplied by the Seller to the Buyer under any contract whatsoever. Payment of the full Price shall include, without limitation, the amount of any interest or other sum payable under the terms of this and all other contracts between the Seller and Buyer.

As long as the Goods have not been resold, and without limiting any other right or remedy We may have, We can at any time ask You to deliver back the Goods and, if You fail to do so promptly, enter any of Your premises or of any third party where the Goods are stored in order to recover them.

  1. Termination

    1. We can terminate the sale of Goods under the Contract where You meet any one of the following conditions:

  • You commit a material breach of Your obligations under these Terms and Conditions;

  • You are or become, in Our reasonable opinion, are about to become the subject of bankruptcy order or take advantage of any other statutory provision for the relief of insolvent debtors;

  • You enter into a voluntary arrangement under Part 1 of the Insolvency Act 1986, or any such scheme or arrangement is made with Your creditors; or

  • You convene any meeting of Your creditors, enter into voluntary or compulsory liquidation, have a receiver, manager, administrator or administrative receiver appointed in respect of Your assets or undertaking or any part thereof, any documents are filed with the court for the appointment of an administrator, notice of intention to appoint an administrator is given by You or any of Your directors or by a qualifying floating charge holder (as defined in para. 14 of Schedule B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986), a resolution is passed or petition presented to any court for the winding up of Your affairs or for the granting of an administration order, or any proceedings are commenced relating to Your insolvency or possible insolvency.

     17. Warranty
All of our products carry a 12 month Manufacturer Warranty and this covers the structural frame and defects. Cushions are only covered for manufacturing defects and does not cover wear and tear, or misuse. The glass is not covered after the initial 48 hours following delivery and must be reported within this period (see 11.2). Any Customer of Maze Rattan can offer the end consumer a guarantee of their choosing, however the 12 month Manufacturer Warranty still applies.