We weave style, comfort and longevity into every piece by hand.

Rattan is a timeless classic in the world of outdoor furniture. Our Rattan Collection is inherently comfortable, painstakingly hand-woven, available in three weave types and a myriad of styles, types and sizes. Which of our five Rattan ranges complements you and your garden most?


Types of Rattan

Rattan weave Types

Rod Weave


Need our strongest, most durable hand-woven rattan furniture?

Rod weave involves thicker, more substantial rattan which is designed to endure and stay beautiful for longer.

Explore our Rod weave ranges;

Double Round Weave


Want more textured, premium woven rattan furniture?

Our double round weave rattan uses two rounded, both vertically and horizontally for a finer, more refined look.

Take a look at our Double Round Weave ranges;


Recyclable outdoor synthetic rattan furniture. Here’s why it’s the natural choice.

High quality PE
polymer rattan


Our entire Rattan Collection is hand-woven using the highest grade PE polymer rattan.

Unlike natural rattan, it doesn’t rot, is UV stabilized so it won’t fade in sunlight and can be recycled at the end of its life.

and frost resistant


Whichever style of Maze rattan furniture you choose, you can relax having made your decision knowing that it is built to contend with the not so great British weather.

Strong yet lightweight


Build quality is incredibly important when choosing rattan furniture.

All our rattan outdoor furniture sets are expertly hand-woven onto high strength, lightweight aluminium frames. So they’re string, solid yet easily movable.

We make it effortlessly easy.

Discover where you can experience the luxury of our perfectly curated range of premium outdoor living furniture.

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