LOFA Assured - Furniture You Can Trust

At Maze we’re proud to be a part of LOFA, a driving force for customer standards in garden furniture.

Lofa Assured is a trade initiative consisting of a collection of experts in the outdoor living industry, offering a wealth of experience. This council is focused on raising the standards within the industry. They have a paramount task of ensuring all LOFA members are compliant, especially when upholding government guidelines regarding the fire safety of outdoor cushions.

Members who show the Lofa Assured symbol provide quality products and services in accordance with the strict LOFA Code of Practice. They are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and designers of outdoor leisure products throughout the UK and world markets.


Why is it important for Garden Furniture to comply with fire safety standards?

You may think garden furniture is to be used outdoors and doesn’t really matter about fire safety! However, you would be so wrong for many reasons. For example - How many people bring their garden furniture indoors, often used in conservatories, garden rooms, orangeries or even kitchens? How many people decide to store the cushions indoors when not in use?  You would be amazed, especially during the winter season. Cushions that are unprotected will assist the fire to spread quickly and produce a thick acrid smoke, where as the Fire retarded fabrics reduce the heat build-up and reduce the fire development.

One amazing fact is that 8 out of 10 garden furniture cushions sold on the high street failed the government’s Fire Safety Standard. All LOFA Assured members are fully compliant – and of course, that includes all Maze products.

How do I know if my new Garden Furniture cushions are of UK Fireproof standards?

That’s a great question, as just looking at the cushions on the garden furniture you won’t identify if they comply with the flammability regulations. The important points to check are is whether the company selling the product a member of LOFA Assured. This offers reassurance to customers and clients that the cushions sold with the furniture fully comply to fire safety regulations.

To check if a brand is Lofa Assured just log onto the link www.lofa-assured.co.uk and you will be able to see all the companies that have the Lofa Assured accreditation.



Are Maze Members of Lofa Assured?

We at Maze are proud members of LOFA Assured and can guarantee all of our Garden furniture products comply fully with the stringent UK Trading Standards and FIRA’s fire safety standards for outdoor cushions. This scheme ensures Maze acts with best business practice, is fully compliant with national legislation, and maintains control of products brought and sold.

To be a member of the Lofa Assured scheme demonstrates that Maze is doing everything in its power to be compliant with the Flammability Regulations, shows diligence, and ensures all current products and future designs still in development are compliant and fit for purpose. Maze has full traceability on all cushions supplied into the UK market, offering complete confidence to customers that their cushions sold are compliant with the Government Regulations.