“We’re committed to doing the right thing for our planet, by making better business choices to minimise our social and environmental impact.”


At Maze we’re committed to minimising our impact on the planet.

Maze products are designed with sustainability in mind, we choose a selection of materials which can be recycled to keep the circular economy moving.

We’re conscious to find new ways to keep sustainability a high priority and aim to become one of the most eco-friendly garden furniture suppliers in the UK.

All Maze Garden furniture is made from high strength, powder-coated aluminum. Aluminium offers stability and great strength, whilst also being recyclable, lightweight and easy to move - providing convenience and longevity.

Recycling 1 tonne of aluminium saves 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 4 tonnes of bauxite - the raw material from which aluminium is made.

Our Rattan collections are produced using PE (Polyethylene) polymer.  This is the best outdoor synthetic rattan material and the recommended grade for both hot and cold climates. PE is a thermoplastic resin, which means it can be melted down and reformed, making it fully recyclable.


We add 0% to landfill

Packaging plays an important role at Maze, we’ve worked hard to become "0% to landfill" and have replaced the vast majority of our packaging with recycled materials. Our delivery services offer a packaging removal option, which brings back waste to be bailed and sent to our waste management providers. Aluminium and plastics are then recycled and re-used via our waste management partner.


Carbon reduced deliveries

We’ve worked towards reducing our carbon footprint on deliveries by introducing a completely new fleet of Maxi Mover vans. Our in-house delivery fleet uses the latest AdBlue vehicles (Euro 6 Variant D) reducing the impact of harmful NOx emissions into the atmosphere by 67%, ensuring our entire fleet is ULEZ compliant.


Keen to be green

In all three of our distribution centres and our head office, we’ve chosen the greener option and use LED lighting.

Motion-detect lighting has been implemented internally and externally to reduce wasted electricity and our overall energy consumption.