The Pebble Range

Stacks of Style

Pebble is a stylish collection offering both contemporary design and enhanced convenience, thanks to it's stacking chair design.

The all weather fabric upholstery fits perfectly around the rounded form of the pebble dining chair.

It's supportive chair design and ample backrest make it ideal for dining.

Stacks of style, stacks of convenience.


pebble features

Social Circles


If you prefer a rectangular table or curved oval, the choice is yours, with both 6 and 8 seat options to accomodate both family and friends,

The modern spray stone finish table is created with tempered glass giving a durable and attractive finish

pebble Features

A drizzle or a splash.


Despite its refined and elegant appearance, Pebble is built to cope with a lot more than a light drizzle of rain or splash of wine.

Upholstered in La Vita high performance fabric made from solution dyed acrylic over quick dry foam, the all weather fabric resists sun, rain, stains and frost, so it can be left outside all year long.

Get a true feel for Pebble. Feel free to order

fabric samples now.


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Pebble 8 Seat Rectangular

Dining Set With Gas Fire Pit Table

Pebble 8 Seat Oval

Dining Set With Spray Stone Dining Table

Pebble 6 Seat Oval

Dining Set With Spray Stone Dining Table


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Pebble Range

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