How To Care For Maze Outdoor Fabric Furniture

When we set out to create Maze outdoor fabric furniture we wanted one thing - a range that can be truly left outside in any weather 365 days a year.

With this in mind, ultra-durable solution-dyed acrylic fabric combined with open foam technology, all sat on aluminium framing ensures you can finally, truly not have to care for your furniture. All you may need to do it give it a wash every so often and here is our guide.

Can I wash my Maze all-weather fabric garden furniture?

The simple answer is - yes
Warm soapy water and a sponge is a simple way if it's not too dirty, but if it's been left out all winter you may wish to purchase the Maze fabric cleaning kit, which includes a fast-acting antibacterial cleaning solution, which is a water-based product that penetrates the fabric surface to clean without harming the fabric. A gentle pressure wash-off is all you need to restore your garden furniture especially if it has been left out all winter.

Now it's time to protect

A spray on fabric protector is also included in this kit. Simply once your set has been washed, and is completely dry, spray all over with this protective solution and let it dry naturally. This protective spray solution provides a tough, long lasting, stain protective barrier and also maintains the UV fading caused by the sun.
Adding this protective spray can keep your furniture like new, as it repels dirt and keeps liquids from penetrating the surface, so spillages won't be an issue, just simply wipe off the surface.

It's always important to apply this protective spray when the set is completely dry.

What about stubborn stains?

Due to the clever technology used to create this innovative fabric any spillages are simply cleaned and so these sets are ideal for families and party entertaining, especially with children, as any spillages are simply cleaned.
Stubborn stains such as tomato ketchup, chocolate, ice cream, orange juice, and even red wine can be cleaned with one part bleach and 9 parts water. Gently wash the stain with this solution using a sponge and then rinse with clear water.